Our Terms & Conditions


1. Lessons will take place weekly, during term-time, at the address above.

2. There will be a fixed number of lessons per term, advised when the term dates are sent out.

3. Lessons are charged at a rate of £50 per hour or part thereof, to be reviewed annually.

4. Attendance is expected at all lessons and every lesson is payable regardless of whether you choose to attend.

5. Lessons cancelled as a result of illness are also payable in full.

6. It may be possible to rearrange a lesson to a different time on the same day providing adequate notice is given (minimum of 48 hours) but please note that this is often dependent on another person being willing or able to swap with you.

7. Holiday lessons may be possible but these will be charged for separately and are not available as a make-up for lessons missed during the term.

8. If we are unable to a give a lesson for any reason then the lesson fee will either be refunded or an alternative time (mutually agreeable) will be offered, as requested.

9. Fees are payable termly, in advance, by bacs.

10. A full termís notice, in writing, is required for the termination of lessons.